Complete List of Every Promotion on the Site

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Complete List of Every Promotion on the Site

Post by Papa Faf »

I typed up a list of every company we have listed on the site and alphabetized them. This is a reference list so members can quickly check to see if a specific promotion is already on the site. It is also so that we can keep an organized list of existing promotions.

If you want to request a promotion to be added to the site, submit updated (or better quality) logos or let us know if a promotion needs to be moved to another section (if an Indie promotion shuts down, it would need to be moved to Defunct, for example), then comment in the Adding Organizations Official Thread.


MAJOR (9 Promotions):
All Elite Wrestling
Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
Impact Wrestling
Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide
National Wrestling Alliance
Ring of Honor
Ultimate Fighting Championship
World Wrestling Entertainment

JAPAN (63 Promotions):
Actwres girl'Z
All Japan Pro Wrestling
Asuka Project
Best Body Japan Pro Wrestling
Big Japan Pro Wrestling
Chō Sentō Puroresu FMW
Cruiser's Game
Daiwa Entertainment Pro Wrestling
Doutonbori Pro Wrestling
Dove Pro Wrestling
Dradition Pro Wrestling
Dragon Gate
Dramatic Dream Team
Fighting Network Rings
Fortune Dream
Fukumen Mania
Ganbare Pro Wrestling
Ganko Pro Wrestling
Gatoh Move
GPS Promotion
Guts World Pro Wrestling
Hard Hit
Ice Ribbon
Inoki Genome Federation
Kaientai Dojo
Kyushu Pro Wrestling
Ladys Legendary Pro Wrestling X
Marvelous Women's Pro Wrestling
Michinoku Pro Wrestling
New Beijing Pro Wrestling
New Japan Pro Wrestling
Osaka Pro Wrestling
Oz Academy
PURE-J Women's Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling A-TEAM
Pro Wrestling Basara
Pro Wrestling Freedoms
Pro Wrestling Heat-Up
Pro Wrestling KAGEKI
Pro Wrestling Land's End
Pro Wrestling NOAH
Pro Wrestling Secret Base
Pro Wrestling Wave
Pro Wrestling ZERO1
REINA Woman's Pro Wrestling
Real Japan Pro Wrestling
Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling
Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling
Soul Mode Pro Wrestling
Sportiva Entertainment
Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling
World Woman Pro Wrestling Diana
World Wonder Ring Stardom
Wu Lin Feng
YMZ Pro Wrestling

INDIE (437 Promotions):
3 Count Wrestling
3-2-1 Battle!
4 Front Wrestling
AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined
AIWF Mid Atlantic
Absolute Intense Wrestling
Absolute Wrestling
Acclaim Pro Wrestling
Action Coast Empire
Adelaide Championship Wrestling
Alianza Nacional de Lucha Libre
Alianza Universal de Lucha Libre
Alianza de Pequenas Leyendas de Luchadores Mexicanos
All Action Wrestling
All Pro Wrestling
All Star Wrestling
All Star Wrestling (UK)
Alpha Omega Wrestling
Alpha-1 Wrestling
Alternative Wrestling Show
America's Most Liked Wrestling
American Combat Wrestling
American Made Pro Wrestling
American Revolution Wrestling
American States Wrestling Alliance
American X Wrestling
Anarchy Championship Wrestling
Apollo Championship Wrestling
Aro Lucha
Athletik Club Wrestling
Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment
Attack! Pro Wrestling
Australasian Wrestling Federation
Awesome Wrestling Entertainment
Baja Stars USA
Battle Club Pro
Bar Wrestling
Basix Wrestling
Battle Pro Wrestling
Beauty Slammers
Belgian Catch Wrestling Federation
Bellator MMA
Bellatrix Female Warriors
Best of the West Wrestling
Beyond Wrestling
Big League Wrestling
Big Time Wrestling
Black Label Pro
Blackcraft Wrestling
Blue Collar Wrestling
Blue Mountains Pro Wrestling
BODYSLAM! Pro Wrestling
Border City Wrestling
Brazilian Wrestling Federation
Breed Wrestling
Brew City Wrestling
Brian Kendrick's Wrestling Pro Wrestling
British Championship Wrestling
British Empire Wrestling
British Extreme Championship Wrestling
Bumps and Brewses
Canadian Wrestling's Elite
Capital City Championship Combat
Capital Wrestling Alliance
Capitol Wrestling
Carolina Wrestling Federation
Caution Wrestling Federation
Celtic Championship Wrestling
Championship Wrestling From Hollywood
Chaotic Wrestling
Chile Lucha Libre
Classic Championship Wrestling
Coastal Championship Wrestling
Collective League of Adrenaline, Strength & Honor
Combat Sports Federation
Combat Zone Wrestling
Compound Pro Wrestling
Cosplay Pro Wrestling
Cosplay Wrestling Federation
Costa Rica Wrestling Embassy
Courage Wrestling
Crash Lucha Libre
Create-A-Pro Wrestling
DEFY Wrestling
Dangerous Adrenaline Wrestling Gladiators
Dangerous Women of Wrestling
Dantes Lucha Factory
DeathProof Fight Club
Destiny World Wrestling
Deutsche Wrestling Allianz
Discovery Wrestling
Division Pro Wrestling
Dojo Pro
Don't Own Anyone Pro Wrestling
Doomsday Wrestling
Dorado Guapito Wrestling
Dragon Pro Wrestling
Dropkick Diabetes
Dynamo Pro Wrestling
East Coast Pro Wrestling
East Coast Wrestling Association
Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling
Elite Championship Wrestling (NWA)
Elite Championship Wrestling (Louisiana)
Elite Wrestling Initiative
Emerge Wrestling
Empire State Wrestling
Empire Wrestling Federation
Empresa de Lucha Libre Mexicana
Esto Es Lucha Pro Wrestling
European Wrestling Association
Evolution Pro Wrestling
Excellence Pro Wrestling
Explosive Pro Wrestling
Extreme Air Wrestling
Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling
Extreme Midget Wrestling
Extreme Wrestling Organization
F1rst Wrestling
Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling
Federacao Internacional de Luta Livre
Federacion Mundial de Lucha Libre
Federacion Universal de Lucha Libre
Femme Wrestling
Fenix Rebelion Lucha Libre
Fest Wrestling
Fierce Females
Fight Club Finland
Fight Club Pro
Fight Factory Pro Wrestling
Fight Factory Wrestling UK
Fire Star Pro Wrestling
First Wrestling Society
Florida Underground Wrestling
Forza Lucha!
Freakshow Wrestling
Freelance Wrestling
Frontline Wrestling
Fuerza Mexicana de Lucha Libre
Full Impact Pro
Full Throttle Pro Wrestling
Fully Loaded Wrestling
Funky Munky Wrestling
Fusion Ichiban Pro Wrestling
Fusion Wrestling
Future Stars of Wrestling
Future is Now Wrestling
FutureShock Wrestling
Game Changer Wrestling
GeneraXion Lucha Libre
Generacion Lucha Libre
German Stampede Wrestling
German Wrestling Federation
Girl Fight Wrestling
Gladiadores Azteca de Lucha Libre Internacional
Global Les Catch
Glory Pro
Go Wrestle
Gold Dragon Wrestling
Good Wrestling
Grand Pro Wrestling
Great North Wrestling
Greektown Wrestling
HOPE Wrestling
Hardcore Hustle Organization
Hart Legacy Wrestling
Head Drop
Heartland Wrestling Association
Heavy On Wrestling
Heroes of Lucha Libre
House of Glory
House of Hardcore
Hybrid Wrestling Association
I Believe In Wrestling
IPW: Germany
IWA Deep South
IWA East Coast
IWA Mid South
IWA Unlimited
Iconic Heroes of Wrestling Excellence
Idaho Wrestle Club
IGNITE Wrestling
Impact Pro Wrestling
Imperial Wrestling Revolution
Imperio Lucha Libre
Innovate Pro Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
Insanity Pro Wrestling
Inspire Pro Wrestling
Inter Species Wrestling
International Wrestling Australia
International Wrestling Cartel
International Wrestling League
International Wrestling League (UK)
International Wrestling Revolucion Group
International Wrestling Syndicate
Irish Whip Wrestling
Italian Championship Wrestling
Jersey All Pro Wrestling
Juggalo Championship Wrestling
Just Do Wrestling
Kaiju Big Battel
Kamikaze Pro
Kentucky Zone Wrestling
King Bulls Wrestling
Knockout Room
Knokx Pro
Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki
LAKONN Lucha Libre
LDN Wrestling
Leader Wrestling Association
League of Wrestling Chile
Legacy Wrestling
Legends of Wrestling
Leicester Championship Wrestling
Leyendas Inmortales de la Lucha Libre
Liberty All-Star Wrestling
Limitless Wrestling
Llaves y Candados
Lone Star Championship Wrestling
Lucha Extrema
Lucha in the 6
Lucha Libre Cancun
Lucha Libre Elite
Lucha Libre Femenil
Lucha Libre Fighter
Lucha Libre Unida
Lucha Libre VIP
Lucha Libre Volcanica
Lucha Libre y Espectaculos del Sureste
Lucha Profesional Fronteriza
Lucha Slam
Lucha Underground
Lucha Vavoom
Lucha Xtreme Wrestling
Luchadores de Celaya A.D.
MAX Lucha Libre
MCW Pro Wrestling
Magnum Pro Wrestling
Main Event Championship Wrestling
Main Event Pro Wrestling
Main Event Wrestling
Major League Wrestling
Manor Pro Wrestling
Mega Championship Wrestling
Melbourne City Wrestling
Micro Wrestling Federation
Mid Ohio Wrestling
Midwest All Pro
Midwest Impact Pro
Millennium Wrestling Federation
Monkey Madness Wrestling
Monterrey Xtreme Wrestling
Mountain State Wrestling
Mucha Lucha Atlanta
New England Championship Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
New Wrestling Generation
Next Wrestling Elites
Nordic Women's Wrestling Alliance
Norsk Elite Wrestling
North Shore Pro Wrestling
North Wrestling
Northeast Wrestling
Northeast Wrestling
Northern Championship Wrestling
Northern Wrestling Federation
Nueva Alianza Guerrera
Nueva Generacion Xtrema
NUKE Championship Wrestling
NUKE Fighting Championship
Ohio Valley Wrestling
Olde Wrestling
On Point Wrestling
Orden de Lucha Xtrema
Organizacion Mundial de Lucha Libre
Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts
Oriental Wrestling Entertainment
Over The Top Wrestling
Overdrive Pro Wrestling
PCW Ultra
Paragon Pro Wrestling
Perros Del Mal
Phoenix Pro Wrestling
Phoenix Wrestling
Poder y Honor
Power of Wrestling
Power Precision Pro Wrestling
Prairie Wrestling Alliance
Premier British Wrestling
Premier Wrestling Federation
Premier Wrestling Xperience
Prestige Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Chaos
Pro Wrestling Clash
Pro Wrestling Elite
Pro Wrestling Epic
Pro Wrestling Eve
Pro Wrestling Fit
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
Pro Wrestling eXpress
Pro Wrestling Magic
Pro Wrestling Revolver
Pro Wrestling Soul
Pro Wrestling Syndicate
Pro Wrestling Ulster
Progress Wrestling
Promociones Cara Lucha
Promociones Rayo de Plata
Promociones Xtremas del Noreste
Promociones Yucatecas Camara Vazquez
Qatar Pro Wrestling
Queens of Combat
Radical Innovation of Sports Entertainment
RIOT Wrestling Alliance
Reality of Wrestling
Rebels With A Cause
Reckless Intent Wrestling
Remix Pro Wrestling
Renegade Wrestling Alliance
Reno Wrestle Factory
Resistance Pro Wrestling
Revolucion Lucha Libre
Revolution Free Style
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Ring Warriors
Riot City Wrestling
Riptide Wrestling
RISE Wrestling
Rival Pro Wrestling
River City Wrestling
Rock and Roll Wrestling
Rockstar Pro Wrestling
Rocky Mountain Pro
Rocky Mountain Pro
Ryse Wrestling
Sabotage Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Scottish Wrestling Entertainment
Shimmer Women Athletes
Shine Wrestling
Smash Wrestling
Snakepit Adalaide Pro Wrestling
Sober Slam
SoCal Pro Wrestling
Southern Championship Wrestling
Southern Pro Wrestling New Zealand
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Squared Circle Wrestling
Stand Alone Wrestling
Steel Domain Wrestling
Stricktly Nsane Pro Wrestling
Style Battle
Supreme Wrestling
Synergy Pro Wrestling
Target Wrestling
Tasmanian Championship Wrestling
Tercera Cuerda Promociones
Terry Harper Presents
Texican Championship Wrestling
The Wrestling League
Tidal Championship Wrestling
Tier 1 Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
Top Rope Promotions
Tried-n-True Pro Wrestling
True Wrestling
Turkish Power Wrestling
Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero
Underground Independent Pro Wrestling
Underground Wrestling Alliance
United Pro Wrestling
Unprofessional Wrestling
Upstate Pro Wrestling
Urban Wrestling Federation
UWA Elite Pro Wrestling
Vanguard Championship Wrestling
Vicious Outcast Wrestling
WAW Wrestling
WORLD-1 Wrestling
We Love Wrestling
West Coast Wrestling Connection
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
White Wolf Wrestling
Wildcat Championship Wrestling
Women Superstars Uncensored
Women of Wrestling
Women's Wrestling Revolution
Womens Wrestling Stars
World League Wrestling
World Power Wrestling
World Wrestling Council
World Wrestling League
World Wrestling Professionals
World of Sport Wrestling
WrestleGate Pro
Wrestle Rampage
Wrestling Abbadon
Wrestling Association of Reynosa City
Wrestling and Respect
Wrestling Has A Tomorrow
Wrestling Kult
Wrestling Resurgence
The Wrestling Revolver
Wu Lin Feng
Xcite Wrestling
Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre
Xtreme Club Lucha Libre
Xtreme Independent Wrestling Group
Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling
Xtreme Latin American Wrestling
Zelo Pro Wrestling
ZERO1 Hong Kong
ZERO1 Ireland

DEFUNCT (258 Promotions):
100% Lucha
5* Wrestling
AAW Vanguard
AWA Florida
Action Zone Wrestling
All American Pro Wrestling
All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling
American Luchacore
American Wrestling Alliance
Apache Pro Wrestling
Ballistic Championship Wrestling
Battleground Pro Wrestling
Bayou Independent Wrestling
Beautiful Babes of Wrestling
Big Mouth Loud
Blood Sweat and Ears
Bloody Rage American Wrestling League
Bodyslam Wrestling Organization
Boston Pro Wrestling Marathon
Branded Outlaw Wrestling
Bullet Proof Wrestling
Canadian National Wrestling Alliance
Canadian Wrestling Federation
Carolina Wrestling Entertainment
Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland
Central States Championship Wrestling
Championship International Wrestling
Championship Pro Wrestling
Championship Wrestling Experience
Championship Wrestling From Florida
Chaos for Canines
Chaos Pro Wrestling
Combat Sport Pro
Continental Wrestling Association
DREAMS Project
Deep South Wrestling
Defiant Wrestling
Dera Nagoya Pro
Diamond Ring
Dragon Gate USA
DRKLGHT Wrestling
Eagle Pro Wrestling
Epic Pro Wrestling WAR
Extreme Championship Wrestling
Extreme Rising
Family Wrestling Entertainment
Fight Nation Wrestling
Fight Sports Midwest
Fighting Ultimate Crazy Kings
Fighting World of Japan Pro Wrestling
Florida Championship Wrestling
Freelance Team Oita
Frontier Wrestling Alliance
Full Effect Wrestling
Future Pro Wrestling UK
Future Wrestling Alliance
Future of Wrestling
GAEA Japan
Galaxy Pro Wrestling
Gateway Championship Wrestling
Global Force Wrestling
Global Pro Wrestling
Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
Great Championship Wrestling (Pennsylvania)
Great Championship Wrestling (Alabama)
Hardcore Homecoming
Hardway Wrestling
Hellaware Championship Wrestling
Herb Abrams' Universal Wrestling Federation
Heroes of Wrestling
High Risk Pro Wrestling
Hokuto Pro Wrestling
Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling
Hybrid Wrestling
IWA Championship Wrestling
IWA Japan
Impact Championship Wrestling
Insane Hardcore Wrestling
Insane Wrestling Federation
International Wrestling Alliance Canada
Invasion RCH
Ishikura Dojo
JWP Joshi Puroresu
Jim Crockett Promotions
Kentuckiana Pro Wrestling
Kingdom Pro Wrestling
Ladies Professional Wrestling Association
Let's Hang Out!
Lucha Forever
Lucha Libre USA
Maximum Pro Wrestling
Metro Pro Wrestling
Mid American Wrestling
Mid Eastern Wrestling Federation
Mid Georgia Championship Wrestling
Mid South Wrestling
Midwestern States Pro Wrestling
Moonshine Branded Wrestling
Musasino Wrestling Alliance
Music City Wrestling
MXW Wrestling
National Wrasslin' League
National Wrestling Conference
NEO Ladies Pro Wrestling
Night Cap Wrestling Federation
NOVA Pro Wrestling
Nu-Wrestling Evolution
NWA 2000
NWA 360
NWA All Star Wrestling
NWA Amarillo
NWA Atlanta
NWA Battlezone
NWA Bluegrass
NWA Capital
NWA Carolinas
NWA East
NWA Empire
NWA Florida
NWA Force-1
NWA Full Throttle Action
NWA Georgia
NWA Houston
NWA Indiana
NWA Ireland
NWA Main Event
NWA Mid Atlantic
NWA Mid South
NWA Midwest
NWA Midwest Championship Wrestling
NWA Mountain State
NWA New England
NWA New South
NWA New York
NWA No Limits
NWA Oklahoma
NWA Quebec
NWA Rocky Mountain
NWA Rocky Top
NWA Signature Pro
NWA South Atlantic
NWA Southwest
NWA Texoma
NWA Top Rope
NWA Top of Texas
NWA Tri-State
NWA Washington
NWA West Virginia / Ohio
NWA Wildside
NWA World Wide Wrestling
Naked Women's Wrestling League
National Championship Wrestling
Neo Pro Wrestling
New Age Wrestling Alliance
New Korea Pro Wrestling Association
New School Federation Pro Wrestling
North American Wrestling Association
Ohio Hatchet Wrestling
One Pro Wrestling
Osaka Joshi Pro
Oura Dojo
PWF Northeast
Panhandle Wrestling Federation
Phoenix Championship Wrestling
Pride Fighting Championships
Prime Wrestling
Pro Pain Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Alive
Pro Wrestling Alliance
Pro Wrestling BRAVES
Pro Wrestling Brilliant Allstar Matwork
Pro Wrestling Dreamers
Pro Wrestling El Dorado
Pro Wrestling Elite
Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi
Pro Wrestling Fusion
Pro Wrestling Kings Road
Pro Wrestling SUN
Pro Wrestling Texas
Pro Wrestling WORLD-1
Pro Wrestling YOUNG
Promo Azteca
Rampage Pro Wrestling
Real Championship Wrestling
Real Quality Wrestling
Renegade Alliance of Grappling Entertainment
Revolution Championship Wrestling
Ring Ka King
Rochester Pro Wrestling
Sengoku Raiden Championship
Shi-En Pro Wrestling
Showtime All Star Wrestling
Smoky Mountain Wrestling
Southern Allstar Wrestling
Southern Championship Wrestling
Southern States Wrestling
Spinebuster Championship Wrestling
Spirit, Sky, Sand
Sports Entertainment Wrestling
Stampede Wrestling
Sunray Pro Wrestling
Super World of Sports
Super Wrestling Alliance
Supreme League of Wrestling
Team Dera
Tenryu Project
Texas Championship Wrestling
Togichi Entertainment Pro Wrestling
Tokyo Pro Wrestling
Totally Tool Wrestling
Traditional Championship Wrestling
USA Xtreme Wrestling
UWA Hardcore Wrestling
UWAI STATION Freestyle Pro Wrestling
UWF Japan
Ultimate NWA
Ultimate Pro Wrestling
Union Pro Wrestling
United States Wrestling Association
United Wrestling Alliance
Universal Wrestling Federation
VKF Wrestle Naniwa
Valkyrie Womens Pro Wrestling
Velocity Pro Wrestling
Vintage Wrestling
Wellington Pro Wrestling
Windy City Pro Wrestling
Women's Extreme Wrestling
World Championship Wrestling
World Class Championship Wrestling
World Extreme Cagefighting
Wrestle Birmingham
Wrestle and Romance
Wrestling Geek Fest
Wrestling International New Generations
Wrestling Marvelous Future
Wrestling New Classic
Wrestling On Fire
Wrestling Society X
Xcitement Wrestling Federation
Xtreme Championship Wrestling
Xtreme Pro Wrestling
ZERO1 New Belarus Pro Wrestling
ZERO1 Spain
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Re: Complete List of Every Promotion on the Site

Post by Papa Faf »

I'll be editing this post to note any updates.

December 19th, 2017:
Moved Lucha Forever from Indie to Defunct - Reason: Closed down

December 20th, 2017:
Added 41 new promotions

December 21st, 2017:
Added Pro Wrestling Syndicate and Premier Wrestling Xperience to Indie

December 29th, 2017:
Moved Global Force Wrestling from Defunct to Indie - Reason: Returned on December 28 with a private show for the Kentucky Wildcats sports team
Moved Lucha Underground from Major to Indie - Reason: Was never more than an Indie company anyway, but also their last show was in November 2016

January 1st, 2018:
Added National Wrestling Conference to Defunct

January 21st, 2018:
Added Greektown Wrestling and DeathProof Fight Club to Indie.

January 22nd, 2018:
Added Destiny World Wrestling to Indie.

January 24th, 2018:
Renamed Asistencia Asesoría y Administración to Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide.

February 11th, 2018:
Moved Lucha Libre Elite from Defunct to Indie - Reason: Started running shows again.
Added 5* Wrestling to Indie.

February 26th, 2018:
Moved Global Force Wrestling from Indie to Defunct - Reason: No plans to run future shows.

March 4th, 2018:
Added Tier 1 Wrestling and Dragon Gate USA to Indie.

March 12th, 2018:
Added Doutonbori Pro Wrestling and Pro-Wrestling A-TEAM to Japan.

March 13th, 2018:
Added UWA Elite Pro Wrestling to Indie.

March 16th, 2018:
Moved Major League Wrestling to Defunct to Indie.

March 21st, 2018:
Moved 5* Wrestling from Indie to Defunct - Reason: Announced on Twitter that they were cancelling all scheduled shows and closing down.

April 13th, 2018:
Moved National Wrasslin' League from Indie to Defunct - Reason: Announced on their website that they were closing down.

June 20th, 2018:
Added Battle Club Pro to Indie.

June 23rd, 2018:
Added Wu Lin Feng and Top Rope Promotions to Indie.

June 28th, 2018:
Added Zelo Pro Wrestling, Wrestling Has A Tomorrow and Stand Alone Wrestling to Indie.
Added Bullet Proof Wrestling to Defunct.

July 11th, 2018:
Added The Wrestling League, Frontline Wrestling, HUSTLE (UK), International Wrestling League (UK), RISE (UK) and Pro Wrestling Clash to Indie.

July 27th, 2018:
Added WrestleCade, Overdrive Pro Wrestling and Capital Wrestling Alliance to Indie.
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Re: Complete List of Every Promotion on the Site

Post by Papa Faf »

September 2nd, 2018:
Added Fortune Dream to Japan.
Added Heroes of Lucha Libre, Dropkick Diabetes, Superkick'd, WrestleCon, Cosplay Pro Wrestling, Legends of Wrestling, Bumps and Brewses and Sober Slam to Indie.
Added Galaxy Pro Wrestling, Chaos for Canines, DRKLGHT Wrestling, Wrestling Geek Fest, Boston Pro Wrestling Marathon, Let's Hang Out!, Heroes of Wrestling, BrewMania, Moonshine Branded Wrestling and Terry Harper Presents to Defunct.

September 10th, 2018:
Added Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling and Cosplay Wrestling Federation to Indie.

April 4th, 2019:
Added IWA Canada, Real Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling WORLD-1, Impact Championship Wrestling and Hellaware Championship Wrestling to Defunct.
Added Courage Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Ulster, Phoenix Wrestling, Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, Fight Factory Wrestling UK, IPW Germany, WrestlingKULT, Head Drop, Pro Wrestling Soul, WrestleGate Pro, The Wrestling Revolver, 3-2-1 Battle!, Queens of Combat, PCW Ultra, Hybrid Wrestling Association, Freelance Wrestling, Blackcraft Wrestling, Wrestling Resurgence and Breed Wrestling to Indie.
Moved Terry Harper Presents from Defunct to Indie. (Reason: The company is still running shows, just not very often.)

April 17th, 2019:
Added Alianza Nacional de Lucha Libre, Costa Rica Wrestling Embassy, Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling, EGW, Empresa de Lucha Libre Mexicana, League of Wrestling Chile, Lucha Libre Cancun, Mucha Lucha Atlanta, New Wrestling Generation, Power of Wrestling, Baja Stars USA and Tercera Cuerda Promociones to Indie.
Added Pro-Wrestling BRAVES, Dera Nagoya Pro, Eagle Pro Wrestling, Fighting Ultimate Crazy Kings, Freelance Team Oita, Hokuto Pro Wrestling, Ishikura Dojo, Juniors, MAKEHEN, Musasino Wrestling Alliance, NOVA Pro Wrestling, Oura Dojo, Pro-Wrestling Dreamers, Pro-Wrestling YOUNG, Pro-Wrestling Alive, Shi-En Pro Wrestling, Spirit Sky Sand, Team Dera and Togichi Entertainment Pro Wrestling to Defunct.

April 28th, 2019:
Added Best Body Japan Pro Wrestling, BOYS, Cruiser's Game, Ganbare Pro Wrestling, Gatoh Move, GPS Promotion, Hard Hit, J STAGE, MUSCLE, Pro Wrestling Basara, Soul Mode Pro Wrestling and YMZ Pro Wrestling to Japan.

May 14th, 2019:
Changed NWA Supreme to Supreme Wrestling and moved it from Defunct to Indie.
Moved Action Zone Wrestling from Indie to Defunct.

May 26th, 2019:
Merged All In and All Elite Wrestling.
Moved All Elite Wrestling from Indie to Major.
Moved Bellator MMA from Major to Indie.

June 22nd, 2019:
Added Dojo Pro to Indie.

August 1st, 2019:
Moved Defiant Wrestling and WrestleCircus from Indie to Defunct.
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Re: Complete List of Every Promotion on the Site

Post by TEOL »

Don't forget the other Anthem/Fite/Fight/UWN stuff like Championship Wrestling Arizona which you can just change to Championship Wrestling and be done with and slam Hollywood in there too.

And Rocky Mountain Pro although that was NWA:NRW before but none of the early years of that online to get the early themes have to start on UWN era. Lol
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Re: Complete List of Every Promotion on the Site

Post by TheImpCaiman »

Not sure if it counts or not but where I trained and did shows is now defunct. International Wrestling Alliance which was based out of Columbus, OH.
Wild Bull Miller (aka Thomas Miller) was the last owner and trainer who passed away in 2018.

Some legends we always had were Tommy Rich, Road Warriors, Demolition, Vader, Lanny Poffo, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Honky Tonk Man to name a small few. We are still the longest run professional wrestling school and promotion in Ohio until Bull's passing.

Here is an article someone started about us on wikipedia

One of our gym wars shows at the old school which is now a pizza shop :( This one feature Dangerous Damien Kass (DDK) vs Bones Dudley and I believe Tommy Chill (!/themes/mow/tommychill ) may be in this one as well as he was trained here. This was a year before I started at the gym. Funny thing is Bull Miller is providing the commentary for the video.
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